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Joining Law Review

The staff of the Law Review is made up of second- and third-year law students. Second-year students are chosen as a result of their participation in the annual “write-on” competition that is held at the end of their first year. The write-on is a rigorous competition and selection process. The application process begins with a series of short meetings to familiarize applicants with the Law Review and its writing and citation styles. No positions are awarded to students based solely on grades.

All first year students who wish to be considered for the Law Review will participate in the writing competition. The competition requires each student to write a paper outlining their solution to a complex problem.  The Law Review provides the problem along with all supporting cases and other sources that the student is permitted to consult. The submissions are anonymous and are graded by the Law Review’s editorial board.

The number of students invited to join the Law Review depends on the class size. Most Staffwriters are chosen based only on their write-on scores. A number of positions are also offered based half on first-year grades and half on their write-on scores. Finally, a few positions are chosen based on a holistic review which considers first-year grades, write-on score, and an optional, non-graded, diversity statement.