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Title Theft

Real property owners across the country have been targeted by scammers who prepare deeds purporting to convey title to property the scammers do not own.

Restorative Constitutionalism
Author: David Landau & Rosalind Dixon

Piercing the Procedural Veil of Qualified Immunity: From the Guardians of Civil Rights to the Guardians of States’ Rights
Author: Leo Yu

Disclosure, Greenwashing, and the Future of ESG Litigation
Author: Barbara Ballan & Jason J. Czarnezki

Civil Means to Criminal Ends
Authors: Kathryn Ramsey Mason

Illegal Contracts and Agreements: A New Standard for Prostitution and Marijuana Agreements
Author: Doug Rendleman

Supporting Healthy Futures: Capitalizing on Medicaid’s EPSDT Medical Necessity Standard
Author: Teressa Colhoun

FDA Overreach: Is Your Pet’s Health a “Major Question” to You?
Author: Ross C. Reggio

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