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Antiracist Remedial Approaches in Judge Gregory’s Jurisprudence


Leah M. Litman


November 9, 2021

This piece uses the idea of antiracism to highlight parallels between school desegregation cases and cases concerning errors in the criminal justice system. There remain stark, pervasive disparities in both school composition and the criminal justice system. Yet even though judicial remedies are an integral part of rooting out systemic inequality and the vestiges of discrimination, courts have been reticent to use the tools at their disposal to adopt proactive remedial approaches to address these disparities. This piece uses two examples from Judge Roger Gregory’s jurisprudence to illustrate how an antiracist approach to judicial remedies might work.


Leah M. Litman, Antiracist Remedial Approaches in Judge Gregory’s Jurisprudence, 78 Wash. & Lee L. Rev. 1051 (2021).