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Comment: The Project of Freedom


Alexandra L. Klein


April 20, 2023

A person’s status may change over time and people should have the right to maximize their autonomy and learn and grow from their experiences. Legal structures must encourage autonomy and growth, rather than producing a static environment that prevents people from challenging external controls imposed upon their lives. Law can create legal structures that sustain an individual’s right to live according to their values. As Ms. Rosen writes, “[i]f an individual is capable of valuing, the wishes stemming from those values should dictate how the individual ought to be treated.” By protecting those values, Ms. Rosen’s Note advises us how the law can be a stronger tool for the project of freedom. The choice of whether to use that tool is ours.


Alexandra L. Klein, Comment: The Project of Freedom, 80 Wash. & Lee L. Rev. 607 (2023).