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The Still-Dwindled Revlon


Lyman P.Q. Johnson & Robert Ricca


November 6, 2014

This is a brief Response to Professor Mohsen Manesh’s extensive response to our original article, The Dwindling of Revlon. Our thesis is that today the iconic Revlon doctrine is, remedially, quite substantially diminished. Although Professor Manesh sets out to establish what he calls “the limits of Johnson’s and Ricca’s thesis,” we here maintain, as before, that there is little remedial clout to Revlon unless directors or others very significantly misbehave. We also criticize Delaware’s continuing use of the standard-of-conduct/standard-of-review construct in the fiduciary duty area. This rubric is unhelpful generally and strikingly so in the Revlon setting, as we note.


Lyman P.Q. Johnson & Robert Ricca, The Still-Dwindled Revlon, 71 Wash. & Lee L. Rev. Online 150 (2014).